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Been a while since I did one of these. I've been meaning to do more but other things (Gaiden) got in the way. But now that I am taking a break, I am happily inclined to talk more about my experiences regarding spriting and making OCs.

There's a word that probably generates more disdain than "Recolor" in the community-if not just as much:"Request." Now if it's a small thing you're incapable of doing like say ripping clean certain parts of a sheet, then it's understandable and the nicer spriters will probably do it for you if you ask them. Just don't expect them to deliver it within the year since they have their own shit to do.

And then there's the people who request others more skilled than them to just make them a sheet from the ground up. Make their character happen. Those people usually get the same response: "Do it yourself!" which can be kind of rude I admit, but in the end, it is probably the fastest way for you to get anything you want done. Hell I remember a looong long time ago way back in 2009, I asked a guy I knew if he could help me integrate SNK poses into my sprites. He agreed to do it but never delivered. I even asked people for tips on how to do it, and was ignored. In the end I found that the quickest way to get shit done was to as I had done in the past "Do it myself".

I did it myself for at least 13-12 years running now. Hell I've been even using the sentence to my friends long before I got into the community. When I was working on Wildcards, the only person I had helping me on anything was :iconwilliamzed:. Everyone else just asked me to make stuff and then fucked off to play Halo. My brother was probably the worst offender of the bunch since he would always bring up the excuse that he had work.

Ya didn't have work for three days! Ya could've gotten quite a bit of shit done in that amount of time fuckpump!

This of course was the reason why the Wildcards eventually dissolved as a creative team because only two people were doing all the heavy shit. It is also why I only do requests when the mood strikes me, because I am nobody's art monkey. If you're feeling down, I'll try making you a gift in a flash. Just don't expect a full-blown sheet overnight. Those things take time. Time not a lot of people have. Time you could be using to (Excuse me for being an arrogant douche by saying this) get on our level. Do it yourself. You'll feel more accomplished for it, and who knows? You just might do it better than some other assholes who try to criticize you for starting out.


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